Davenport Designs


Former Sheriff’s Office detective Ray Davenport now owns the Wood U gift shop on Victoria Square, but it’s his talented younger daughters who steal the show with their displays and packaging designs. The girls believe they can earn money with their window-dressing skills for the other businesses on the Square, but the only merchant who hires them conspires to reap the rewards of their labor without paying a cent. And they’ve alienated the only person who can help them. Will they have to swallow their pride to ask Katie Bonner for help to get what’s owed them?

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What Amazon Readers Are Saying …

“I loved learning more about the girls and their relationship with their father and the reasons behind their feelings for Katie.” –Kim T.

“An enjoyable story and nearly impossible to put down.” –Beverly J.M.

“I always see myself walking along the square and visiting the shops that are described so well.” –Sim M.

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