Foul Weather Friends

A Tale From Blythe Cove Manor (#5) 

Alone and single, Teagan Tate visits Martha’s Vineyard for a failed couples weekend, and then misses the last ferry before a nor’easter hits.

Her life is a mess, but a couple of strangers might just help her figure out how to turn things around.

Will the magic of Blythe Cove Manor touch Teagan and show her the way?


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“A wonderful short that tapped into the healing qualities a destination can have on ones mind. I hope that I can one day find a place like Blythe Cove and its magical qualities.”
–Taryn L.

“I always enjoy the Blythe Cove Books, with each new guest or guests there is a new magical journey.”
–Kim T.

“There is always something magical about Blythe Cove Manor. It does not matter who is visiting, seems any troubled soul leaves soothed and with a new outlook on their life or problems. Always wonder if it is Blythe herself or the Manor that holds the magic.”
–Sonny’s Mom