It’s Tutu Much

Life On Victoria Square #4

Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Dana Milton finally opens her own dance studio on Victoria Square and one of her Broadway Babies (age 8) is a classic tyrant. Can she teach her students about respect for one another—and when it’s time to stand up for oneself, or is it all tutu much?


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What readers are saying on Amazon…
“As a former teacher, It’s Tutu Much really resonated with me. The theme is bullying, and Lorraine Bartlett certainly portrays the interactions among the young dance students in a realistic and sympathetic way. I love the Life on Victoria Square books, and I hope to see the characters from this book pop up in the full length, Victoria Square Mystery series. “  –Barbara W.

“I love how Lorraine Bartlett delves into dealing with a difficult situation. This is a heartfelt story about kids and respecting yourself and others. This story works for kids and adults.”
–Debra L.

“This book is not what I expected. After reading it, MY heart is full. I think every girl, young lady, woman needs to read this. Ms. Bartlett, you definitely taught me a lesson and when it comes to your books…..break a leg.” –Amazon Reader

“I really enjoyed this light lesson. I will definitely have my granddaughters read this short story. Stick up for yourselves. You are worth it.” –Mama Rio

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