The Reluctant Bride

Life On Victoria Square #5

Don Parsons and Nick Ferrell bought a ramshackle Victoria spinster and plan to transform her into a Painted Lady. Weddings and other parties are a part of their business plan. They’ll be hosting a small ceremony and reception for bride-to-be Lauren Washborne … except she doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic about her upcoming nuptials. Don wants to know why—but Nick is against the idea. Will Lauren have a chance to live happily ever after, or will her suitor be left at the altar?

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What Amazon Readers are saying about The Reluctant Bride.

“I love these little novellas because they keep you up to date on characters and series you love but also give you an enjoyable read while waiting for the next book.” –Taryn L.

“A wonderful short story. Shows us that we should be there for someone and that telling someone what you think they want to hear is not always the best policy.” –Kim T.

“This was a charming story with a surprising ending that I loved.” –Christina

“Didn’t know where the story line was going to go, but man the ending was bang on!”
–Jenny D.

“Fun book! Lots of twists and turns. Really enjoyed.” — Amazon Customer


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